29Jan                   Leuven, Belgium (PipaRimba & Patricia PE Janssen @Sint Vincentius) 

2Feb                      Paris, France (PipaRimba sponsored by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels)



2Feb                      Streaming concert sponsored by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels & Belgium-Hong Kong Society

10Feb                     Streaming concert sponsored by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels & Netherlands Hong Kong Business Association         

17Feb                     Streaming concert sponsored by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels, Hong Kong Trade Development Council & Italy Hong Kong Association

3May                     Antwerpen, Belgium (Jury @Royal Conservatory Antwerp)
10Jun                     Leuven, Belgium (Jury@LUCA School of Arts)

22Jun                     Antwerpen, Belgium (Jury@Royal Conservatory Antwerp)

17-23Aug               Sint-Truiden, Belgium (Jury@Universal Marimba Competition & International Percussion Youth Competition)

24Aug-1Sep         Fermentelos, Portugal (teaching@LA marimba academy)

3Sept                    Concerto Concert (with Fermentelos Symphonic Orchestra)

1-16Oct                  Jury@Australian Marimba Competition



4June                    Antwerpen, Belgium (jury @Royal Conservatory Antwerp)

23-27August        Filadelfia, Italy (solo concert @Auditorium Comunale)

1Septmeber          Antwerpen, Belgium (jury @Royal Conservatory Antwerp)
17-21November    Kavala, Greece (Flaurimba concert @ComsoClassic Festival) 


11February        New York, USA (Solo concert @Harvard Club)

13February        Washington D.C., USA (Solo concert @Smithsonian American Art Museum)

21February        Budapest, Hungary (Solo concert @Pest)

25February        Düsseldorf, Germany (Solo concert @Steigenberger Düsseldorf)

28February        Prague, Czech Republic (Solo concert @Mánes Art Centre)

25-April              Antwerp, Belgium (Jury @Royal Conservatory Antwerp)

3-5May               Filadelfia, Italy (Jury @Marimba & Percussion Competition, XI Edition Filadelfia Festival)

17June                Leuven, Belgium (Jury @LUCA School of Arts)

11-August          Edinburgh, UK (PipaRimba @Lower Stage)

12-August          Edinburgh, UK (PipaRimba @Upper Stage)

15-August          Edinburgh, UK (PipaRimba @Leith Depot)

16-August          Edinburgh, UK (PipaRimba @Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre)

17-August          Edinburgh, UK (PipaRimba @St Giles’ Cathedral)

18-August          Edinburgh, UK (PipaRimba @Lauriston Halls)

19-August          Edinburgh, UK (PipaRimba @St Vincent’s Chapel)

30-August           Antwerp, Belgium (Jury @Royal Conservatory Antwerp)

8-September      Hannover, Germany (PipaRimba @Leibniz University Hanover)

14-September    Stockholm, Sweden (PipaRimba @Stockholm Chinese Cultural Centre)

15-September     Riga, Latvia (PipaRimba @Latvia University)

18-22 Septmber  London, UK (solo première @London Tower Bridge – Totally Thames Festival)

19-December       Hong Kong (concerto @Hong Kong Chinese University Orchestra)


5February           Munich, Germany (Solo concert)

7February           Den Haag, the Nederlands (Solo concert)

12March              Zürich, Switzerland (Solo concert)

3May                    Antwerpen, Belgium (Mars2Duo concert)

6May                    Linden, Belgium

1June                   Leuven, Belgium (Jury, LUCA Schools of Arts – Lemmensinstituut)

14June                 Brussels, Belgium (Mars2Duo concert)

12July                  Zürich, Switzerland (Solo concert with digital arts – Jingli)

14August            Brussels, Belgium (Flaurimba Duo concert)

21August            Antwerpen, Belgium (Duo concert with Bonaventura Oliviero)

28August            Leuven, Belgium (Jury, LUCA School of Arts – Lemmensinstituut)


8January             Brussels, Belgium (Flaurimba Duo concert)

30January           Leuven, Belgium (Solo concert)

13February         Berlin, Germany (Solo concert)

14February         Stockholm, Sweden (Solo concert)

2March                Hamburg, Germany (Solo concert)

17-21May            Filadelfia, Italy (Jury president, Concorso Musicale Europeo sezione percussioni)

1June                   Żelazowa Wola, Poland

25-28July            Sint-Truiden, Belgium (Jury, Universal Marimba Competition)

29-30July            Sint-Truiden, Belgium (Jury, International Percussion Youth Competition)

31July                  Sint-Truiden, Belgium (Solo concert)

10October           Brussels, Belgium (Solo concert)

22October           Hong Kong (Concerto with City Chamber Orchestra)

8December          Kortessem, Belgium (Duo with Ludwig Albert & Flanders Marimba Ensemble)

16December        Lubbeek, Belgium (Flaurimba Duo concert)

images (1).jpeg

28January            Warsaw, Poland (Solo concert)

5June                     Leuven, Belgium (Solo concert)

21June                   Kavala, Greece (Flaurimba Duo concert)

15September        Leuven, Belgium (Solo concert)

17-19November   Hong Kong (Jury, International Hong Kong Percussion Competition)

19November         Hong Kong (Duo concert with Thierry Miroglio)

26November         Macau (Concerto with University of Macau String Orchestra)


21January           Prague, Czech Republic (Solo concert)

6March                Dublin, Ireland (Solo concert)

8May                    Leuven, Belgium (Solo concert)

4June                   Tenerife, Spain (Concert with Tak-nara Percussion Ensemble)

15June                 Leuven, Belgium (Solo concert)

23July                  Sint-Truiden, Belgium (Solo concert)

2August               Sint-Truiden, Belgium (Solo concert)

4December         Brussels, Belgium (Flaurimba Duo concert)


27January            Madrid, Spain

18February          Vienna, Austria

20February          Barcelona, Spain

21February          Leuven, Belgium

24February          Munich, Germany

26February          Ljubljana, Slovenia

27February          Budapest, Hungary

6March                Zurich, Switzerland

10March              Lisbon, Portugal

11March               Istanbul, Turkey

20March              Bucharest, Romania

12May                  Leuven, Belgium

17October           Seoul, South Korea

18October           Seoul, South Korea

20October           Jeju, South Korea

25October            Hong Kong

13November        Saint-Paul de Vence, France

26November        Hasselt, Belgium

8December          Den Haag, the Netherlands


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